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1:1 Coaching to build self-awareness

At Learning and...Reflective Growth for Individuals and Teams, we provide 1:1 coaching through assessments that improves your leadership, communication, and problem solving skills. 

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Coaching with Strengths

Discover your SUPER POWER!  Explore your values and strengths to gain more confidence.   Every person has unique strengths, values and goals. Use your SUPER POWER for good (not evil). Learn about your strengths and how to use them to have more engagement in your job and in life.

Leadership Coaching

You need to acquire the right set of skills to become an effective leader.  Work with us to assess  your emotional intelligence, strengths, and personality.  Build a personal, quality action plan to improve emotional intelligence and flexibility.

Retirement Coaching

Not sure if you are ready to retire? You have retired, now what do you do? Work with us to discover the key factors of life in retirement and determine action goals in order to be happier in retirement.  Research shows that the more you plan for your retirement, the happier and more prepared you will be when you retire. Not sure you wish to retire? Find out with assessments and coaching.

Communication is Vital

Understand your communication style in order to better communicate. Our consultants help you learn more about your communication style and how to adjust it when working with others with different (or same) styles.

Coaching for Trainers & Educators

You know the content, but you've never taught in a classroom setting or given out grades. We will work together to develop your curriculum, syllabus, and coaching technique. Individual coaching for trainers and professors, adjuncts, and higher education, includes:


• Public Speaking

• Training - Classroom ILT

• New to Teaching (in Higher Education)


Are you a new training professional or just do not have time to research how to create training program?   To improve your approach to training, let us help you create:

• Leadership Series
• Retirement Program (Psychosocial)
• Customer Service Certificate Programs
• Train the Trainer Program

- Basic Training Skills
- Advanced Training Skills
- Preparing for Certification
- Any Program Your Organization Needs for Training


Rely on our team to improve your processes by faciliatating your senior staff to create a strategic plan. Based on your specific needs, we provide strategic planning that includes:

• Brainstorming with Priorities
• Creation of Plan

• Practical Plan with Champions & Dates

Retreat Creation & Facilitation

• Needs Assessment/Analysis
• Planning Session with Senior Staff (or Retreat Planners' Champion)
• Implementation of Plan - Retreat Day